How fast can you adapt?

To be able to adapt timely to changing market conditions, Continuous Transformation is a vital organisational capability.

We help organisations to launch, lead, refocus, or re-energise their transformation initiatives.

We provide a wide array of services and capability focused training for individuals, teams, leaders and organisations to thrive in times of uncertainty and unprecedented level of changes.

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Flight Levels

Flow Design

In the Flight Levels Flow Design Workshop, you will learn what you need to establish business agility as a corporate sport in your company – across teams, products, and services. The trainer is Cliff Hazell, Co-founder of Flight Levels Academy.

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Management 3.0 Fundamentals Online

Learn the basics of Management 3.0 during this ten hours online course. The Fundamentals Online Workshop contains the most valuable practices and modules related to Management 3.0 and Remote Leadership. By attending the workshop attendees will understand the basics of Management 3.0, and also how to manage remote teams.

The topics in this workshop will be interesting for team leads, managers, leaders, agile coaches, scrum masters, project managers, and especially those who are working in remote environments.

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Management 3.0 Fundamentals Plus

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop is the follow-up to the Fundamentals Online Workshop. It is a one-day workshop, covering important Management 3.0 topics that were not discussed in the previous workshop. It’s an in-person workshop, full of interaction, practical experiences, and popular Management 3.0 practices.

The Fundamentals Plus Workshop is created for people who want to learn more about Management 3.0 and would like to become a Management 3.0 Facilitator/Coach in the future

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Next generation online events

Supercharge your events

Conferences and summits, fairs and expos, hybrid events, membership hubs, company meetings, online courses, Open Space events, Unconferences, and more. We offer online events that you and your participants will love.

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Uncover your inner motivation

Individuals and teams succeed faster and more sustainably with Reiss Motivation Profile®. Understand your intrinsic motivation, find your hidden potential, and become a better team player.

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A key to growing your people and your business

We have partnered with internationally recognised coaches to offer Leadership coaching and facilitation, Coaching supervision, and Coaching mastery for agile coaches.

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