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Do you have knowledge or experience related to our mission? Are you passionate about engaging people, teams and businesses to become successful? Do you want to make the world a better place? Do you want to get commission on sales?

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Trusted employee

Our vision is to have a team size that does not require too many pizzas to feed us. We will publish vacant positions on the front page when we are hiring.

We are always looking for people that will complement and improve both what we offer and how we deliver our training and services. If you align with our vision and mission, you are welcome to get in touch.


Humanize Hero - publish on our platform

The Humanize Partner Platform will suit all your needs related to publishing and marketing your training and services. The type of competency areas we are looking for:

Agendashift, Agility Health Radars, Agile Finance, Agile Leadership, Agile HR, AI, Beyond Budgeting, Board of innovation, Clean Language, Cynefin, Design a better business, DevOps/GitOps, Flight levels, Gamestorming, Great Game of Business, Impact Mapping, JTBD + Outcome-Driven Innovation, Kanban, Kano Model, Leanstack, Lean Change Management, Lean Wardley Mapping, Liberating Structures, Management 3.0, Okaloa Flowlab, Open Leadership Network, Open Space Technology, OKR, #Play14, Service Design Thinking, Sociacracy, Strategyzer, TameFlow, Theory of Constraints, TastyCupcakes, XSCALE.

Strategic network partner

You have an active site where you publish your services or courses. You want a wider reach, and therefore you would like to market your complimentary services and training on our platform. We usually agree to do this both ways.

When you market our offerings, you will register as an affiliate so that your commission is paid to you automatically.

We prefer that your site is also handling commissions automatically when we refer your offerings that converts to sales.

We usually agree on a 10% commission fee.

Get commission on your referrals

  • You must apply to be part of the Humanize affiliate program.
  • Once accepted, you will get access to an affiliate portal on You will also be informed about the rules that apply and the commission for the different services.
  • In the portal, you will see all the links that are unique to you, and your performance from clicks to conversion rate.
  • Sales commissions vary between 10% and 20% depending on the offer.
  • Commissions will automatically be transferred to your PayPal account.
  • You receive announcements when a link to a new service is made, including the commission.
  • Clicked links will produce cookies that will last for 30 days.

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