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Next generation online events

Conferences and summits, fairs and expos, hybrid events, membership hubs, company meetings, online courses, Open Space events, Unconferences, and more.

Program tracks

myOnvent﹣online events that you and your participants will love. Watch the video and you will understand why.


The Onvent platform is very flexible and is being used successfully in many different scenarios

Conferences & summits

All you need: Multi-track program stage. For one day and multi-day events. Break-out sessions and workshops. Pre-recorded and live streams. Single speaker or panels. Focus group chats. Interactive and engaging format. Open Space and Unconferences.

Fairs and expos

Excellent branding, leads generation, and networking opportunities for your job/career fair, trade show, or industry expo.

Hybrid events

Physical and online events should go hand-in-hand. myOnvent makes sure it does. Extend your reach with adding an online event to your physical event. Combine a number of physical events with your online event to create a new event experience. Think outside the box!

Membership hubs

Offer your members online access to all your events as well as the other members. 24/7/365 access. Build an archive of relevant presentations and past events – and offer your members a service which is accessible anytime from anywhere.

Company meetings

Ideal for home office workers, remote staff, and international teams. Login from anywhere, and make meetings available on-demand afterwards.

Online courses

24/7/365 on-demand access for online courses and education. Multiply the ROI on your investment in courses and offer your audiences an unbeatable on-demand service.

Testimonials from myonvent customers

This was very, very good, and we will definitely continue to participate on these kind of arrangements... It´s without a doubt easier to meet up at an online fair.

Christian Scheen
/ Head of Recruitment, attract and employer branding at Skanska Norge

This is a new and exciting concept for us to participate in. This is an excellent way of meeting lots of people that can potentially be new employees, and I also think this is good marketing for our company.

Andre Stene-Larsen
/ Founder & CEO DotNet Internals

As an exhibitor you get to meet highly skilled and highly motivated candidates with an international background. In addition a large percentage of the candidates we attracted were professionals which is a huge benefit for us.

Håkon Svebak
/ Employer Branding Manager DNV GL

I really like the concept of the virtual career fair. We saved time but still managed to connect with a lot of people.

Carla Carsenzuola
/ Global Recruitment Manager at Opera Software

...totally brilliant. Well structured, time saving and innovative.

Solveig Marie Bjørnstad
/ Markeds & kommunikasjonsrådgiver, Finansforbundet


Competitive pricing and professional services

Price per event. Includes planning, configuration, event support and a retro.

Pricing on request

2000 participants
30 exhibitors
Designers, developers or coordinators for advanced needs

Hourly rates

3 Months
50 Students
More participants or exhibitors, or on-demand event for 30 days

Pricing on request

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I heard about myOnvent the first time on the radio. I was very impressed. I thought "Finally!" and contacted the CEO straight away.

Halldor Kvale-Skattebo, CEO Humanize

After the summer of 2020 we searched the market to find a vendor that we could partner with to offer online events where Zoom would not be the right choice.

In late 2020 we stumbled upon myOnvent, and we could not understand how such a successful company had flown under our radar.

Several market trends indicates that there will be a huge market need going forward for online conferences, fairs and expos, hybrid events, company meetings, online courses, Open Space events, and Unconferences. We found all we needed in myOnvent, and we are truly excited about this partnership.

Interested in organising an online event?

We will support you through the whole process from start to finish with planning, configuration, competency transfer (optional), event support, and a retrospective to secure that you will have events that your participants will love and want to experience again.

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