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Reiss Motivation Profile for 10 individuals

Individuals succeed faster and more sustainably with Reiss Motivation Profile

What each individual will get:

  • A 48-page personal Reiss Motivation profile
  • A personal self-hugging profile for each of the inner drives describing how they view themselves and how they view those that are different from them
  • An individual two-hour walkthrough of their profile on Zoom

Benefits for each individual:

  • Get to know others and yourself better
  • Understand other peoples needs and desires
  • Understand your intrinsic motivation
  • Make better decisions
  • Discover your individuality and live it
  • Appreciate differences in people
  • Find your hidden potential
  • Become a better teamplayer
  • Perform better in teams
  • Get to know and understand what makes you happy


  • Each customer will get access to the RMP profile and the self-hugging profile within five business days after a successful purchase.
  • Each customer and the RMP Master will agree to complete the two-hour walkthrough within three months after purchase.
  • The individual walkthrough for each individual will be conducted online using Zoom, and the RMP Master will invite each customer to the meeting.
  • Each customer must have an internet connection capable of running an online session with Zoom.
  • Each customer must have a computer or a tablet with the Zoom app installed.
  • There will be no recording available from the online meeting.
  • The RMP Master will normally be Kjell Tore Guttormsen, but we are free to use other RMP Masters if he is not available.
  • The person that ordered will provide the RMP Master with full name and e-mail of all the participants (up to ten). The RMP Master will add these people to our people database and grant them access to the RMP product.
  • The person that ordered and the RMP Master will agree when to run the free one-hour session on how teams can benefit from RMP related to diversity and inclusion, team performance, hiring, and conflict resolution within one month after purchase.
  • A maximum of ten people may participate in the free one-hour meeting.
  • The free one-hour meeting will be done online using Zoom.