Training & services

Grow your people to their full potential
﹣and your business

Agile Facilitation Masterclass

Inside the Facilitation Masterclass is a package that we wish we had had when we started out with agile teams! It contains a collection of templates, practice patterns and exercises you can use to supercharge how you facilitate any meeting.

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Humanize coaching services

A coaching culture is key to growing your people and your business. We have partnered with internationally recognised coaches to offer Leadership coaching and facilitation, Coaching supervision, and Coaching mastery for agile coaches.

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Reiss Motivation Profile

Understand peoples needs and desires, understand your intrinsic motivation, make better decisions, discover your individuality, appreciate differences in people, find your hidden potential, and understand what makes you happy.

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Kurs i SAFe®

I samarbeid med FutureXeed og den svært erfarne konsulenten og kursinstruktøren Jeffrey van Kippersluis tilbyr Humanize AS ni forskjellige bedriftsinterne to- eller tre-dagers online kurs i SAFe til svært konkurransedyktige priser.

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